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Direct Line: (+6348) 433-2719 (Palawan) / (+632) 703-5578 (Manila)
Mobile Numbers: +63 9295875993 (Smart) / +63 9273423845 (Globe)

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Palawan Shared Van Service

Peso Rate (Php) Dollar Rates (USD$)
Php700/person USD$16/pax

- Shared with other passengers daily trips to El Nido/Taytay
- For advance booking atleast: atleast 2 days
- For same day booking call
   * 09273423845
   * (048)433 6490

- For Booking:
   Please send us Sms/Email of the ff:
   * Your Full Name
   * Date and Time of Departure
   * Pick up location within the City

Daily Time Schedule Trip
1st trip schedule 7:00-7:30am departure
2nd trip schedule 9:00 -9:30am departure
3rd trip schedule 11:00 – 11:30am departure
4th trip schedule 2:00-2:30pm departure
5th trip schedule 4:00pm departure
Last trip 6:00pm departure


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Peo Road,Puerto Princesa City
Palawan, Philippines

Contact Information:
Tel.No.: (048)433 6490 / 433 2719
Mobile : Globe 0927 3423845
Email : info@worldholidaytravelandtours.com

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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We are not responsible for any mistakes in information materials, written or any other kind.

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